Welcome to GEA Refrigeration Africa (Pty) Ltd 

GEA Refrigeration Africa (Pty) Ltd. designs, sells, engineers, installs and maintains refrigeration systems for a wide range of clients in the food, non-food, process and marine industries, where cooling technology is an essential part of their primary process.   GEA Refrigeration Africa (Pty) Ltd is part of the GEA Refrigeration Technologies segment of the GEA Group.

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Service and Spare Parts

  Continuously operating plants work by the grace of operational safety and preventative maintenance. To guarantee this, every business weighs up economic feasibility against considerations.

The increased importance of continuity has shifted the attention in service from corrective action to preventative maintenance. High Quality and complete service is an integral part of the industry strategy. To read more about Service.....


Industrial Division 

From advice, proposal drawings, engineering and calculations during the preparation phase of a project, to the detailed engineering, installation management and operational testing, GEA Refrigeration Africa is the market leader.

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Transport Refrigeration 

The Transport division of GEA Refrigeration Africa has been providing efficient transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications for trailer and truck bodies to the refrigerated transport industry since 1938.

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Project Solutions 

When considering the construction of a cold store – or any development that involves refrigeration – one of the very first steps is to decide on specialists responsible for the feasibility study, planning, design, project management and commissioning of the projects.

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Process Cooling 

Gea Process Cooling combines the expertise available in the GEA Refrigeration Africa division in South Africa. Established in South Africa in the mid 1960's, Grasso and Grenco have been involved in all aspects of industrial refrigeration.

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